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Bock & Seip Bookstore

Bock & Seip Bookstore, Merzigmore

The bookstore in the heart of downtown Merzig boasts of a strong tradition: the company proudly harks back to 125 years of book trade.

Events in the Bock & Seip Bookstore in Merzig
Cloef Atrium

Cloef Atrium, Orscholzmore

Located in the Three Corners Germany-Luxembourg-France and only a 10-minute walk from the Cloef outlook, the famous view onto the Saar Bend

Events in Cloef Atrium in Orscholz

Eisenbahnhalle, Losheim am Seemore

The old Railroad Hall in the center of Losheim is probably one of the most unusual locations for events in the entire region.

Events in the Eisenbahnhalle in Losheim am See
Gales Winery

Gales Winery, Perl-Nennigmore

Gales Winery has been crafting wine for 4 generations. The focus for generations has been cultivating the Elbling grape, grown as early as in the Roman era.

Events in the Gales Winery in Perl-Nennig
Gerd Petgen Winery

Gerd Petgen Winery, Perl-Sehndorfmore

The Romans laid the cornerstone of wine growing on the Saarland Moselle. They treasured the Muschelkalk soil (shell-bearing limestone), which lends burgundy wine depth and fullness.

Events in the Gerd Petgen Winery in Perl-Sehndorf
German-Lux. Schengen-Lyzeum

German-Lux. Schengen-Lyzeum, Perlmore

The German-Luxembourg Schengen-Lyzeum in Perl is a new type of school beyond borders for teaching children and adolescents from each country together.

Events in the Lyzeum in Perl
Gymnasium am Stefansberg

Gymnasium am Stefansberg, Merzigmore

More than a hundred years ago, future-oriented Merzig townspeople founded a secondary school for their sons. Today around 1,100 students are instructed at the school.

Events in the Gymnasium am Stefansberg in Merzig
Haus des Gastes

Haus des Gastes, Weiskirchenmore

The modern Haus des Gastes is easily accessible in the heart of the Saarland community of Weiskirchen. The Tourist Information is directly connected.

Events in the Haus des Gastes in Weiskirchen
Hellwies Sports Center

Hellwies Sports Center, Beckingen-Honzrathmore

The modern sports center has something for every taste: from boules to tennis, from mini-golf to squash, from fishing ponds to adventure playground.

Events in the Hellwies Sports Center in Beckingen-Honzrath
Herber Winery

Herber Winery, Perlmore

A burgundy winery with a long tradition. The building is a Lorraine house type and was built in 1830, used then as a hostel and horse-changing station.

Events in the Herber Winery in Perl
Historical Train Station

Historical Train Station, Beckingenmore

Following careful restoration, the Becking Bahnhof shines again in its old brilliance. The historical structure is used as a place of encounter for art and culture.

Events in the Historical Train Station in Beckingen
Karl Petgen Winery

Karl Petgen Winery, Perl-Nennigmore

In the heart of Europe, on the sunny slopes of Schloss Berg, the grapes ripen on 30 acres (12 hectares) of vineyards for the Karl Petgen Winery.

Events in the Karl Petgen Winery in Perl-Nennig

Moselufer, Perl-Beschmore

The only part of the community situated directly on the Moselle is also the only place in all of Saarland directly on the Moselle.

Events on the Moselufer in Perl-Besch
Ollinger Gelz Winery

Ollinger Gelz Winery, Perl-Sehndorfmore

The small wine hamlet Sehndorf (first documented in 1129 as “Sigendorf”) is incorporated into Perl today.

Events in the Ollinger Gelz Winery in Perl-Sehndorf

Saargarten, Beckingenmore

The open design park facility is situated directly on the Saar. Events and festivals can be held here with rows of natural stone seating.

Events in the Saargarten in Beckingen

Stadthalle, Merzigmore

During the civic cultural program, first-class events are held in the Merzig Stadthalle, also those in cooperation with the cultural associations.

Events in the Stadthalle in Merzig